Movie Vicky donor : with a concept of sperm donation

Indian movies are going on to the different level now a days.Before it used to happen that the directors made movies in there ambit and almost with the same concept but now its a different scenario Bollywood is bringing a lot of new concept for the viewers.The movies like 3 idiot ,slumdog millionaire which had a different concept proved themselves as a great success.

Looking at this stats directors are now playing with the concept of there movies  in order to make it unique from others.The same thing is tried by Shoojit Sircar who is a director of the movie “vicky donor”.The concept which he adopted is totally new to the country that is “we should donate sperm” its a very famous concept in European countries.

The different concept in this movie”vicky donor” is that “ayushmann” who is playing a lead role in this movie is a sperm donor.Basically Ayushmann is a VJ and the winner of roadies,it is the first step of ayushmann into the world of bollywood however he has proved himself in small screen and in various shows as an anchor but now its the time he has to prove himself as a good actor also.In this movie Baldev Chaddha ( annu kapoor) is playing a role of high qualified person who runs his clinic of sperm bank in daryaganj which is in delhi.A young boy Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurrana) lives with her mother who runs a small beauty parlor.She is a widow.The story starts when both Vicky and Dr. Baldev came across and Baldev feels that Vicky can be the one he is looking for.Baldev tried his level best in convincing Vicky to donate sperm and after a long effort of Dr. Baldev he agreed to donate his sperm.Vicky fell in love with a girl(Yami Gautam)  who is Bengali but after she get to know about Vicky’s  past as a sperm donor there arises a clash between both and the whole story moves around this.

Through this movie Actor John Abraham came into the field of production ,its the first movie produced by John Abraham.In this movie he raises the topic of sperm donation.John Abraham commented that it will be like boon for all  those who do not have children’s .

But now because of this awareness John Abraham is in dilemma as one of his female  fan asked john for his sperm.According to fan John Abraham has raised this topic very calmly and in a good manner ,youngster should come forward to support this.

Lets see whether this new concept of sperm donation in movie will touch the heart of the audience or not .As i m a big fan of John Abraham i wish this movie create a big success and break all the records. :)



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