Real Madrid Wins Classico, Does it Really Start or Ends Anything???

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the second Goal, and signalled to his team, be calm iam here, and although he performed better than the bad performances we are used to see from him against Barcelona, his goal might have eventually won the La Liga crown for his side. And after the win, media started to pose qestions such as is it the end of barca dominance?, or is it the start of a new era of Real Madrid?, what i feel is, it is nobody’s end or start, the rivalry and power struggle between the spanish giants is destined to carry on for a long time, and by winning one or two duels neither of them can claim superiority now.

It wasn’t a performance by Madrid where they totally dominated Barca or played them out of park it was a simple disciplined and controlled performance, on any other day if finishing from Barca had been any good the result might have been something else. The point i want to make is, it isn’t as if Madrid have found out a certain Formula to defeat Barca, they defended well on the day and Barca’s performance wasn’t as sharp as it can be. Between these two sor now it will be like this only when Matches will be decided based on Form on that particular day. Nobody will be considered favorites or Underdogs. Barcelona, can find a excuse in losing to Madrid, and poor form relatively over the whole seson compared to previous seasons, in the fact that they are missing a target man severely, in the absence of David Villa, they have many at times played without a recognised striker upfront altogether, and although different combinations with Tello, Messi, Pedro, and Sanchez have been used, they haven’t been able to provide the same lethality in front of goal that Villa provided, simply put Barcelona’s finishing has been poor.

Although granted that the win last night, and capture of La Liga title by Madrid, has rubber stamped the exit of the air of invincibility around Barcelona, but it doesn’t mean that Barcelona have surrendered and will not be winning anything anytime soon. Barcelona are still in contention of winning the Copa Del Rey, where they defeated Madrid, and they although not being in top form still reduced the gap of 10 to 4 and can still be the first team in the modern format of Champions League to win 2 consecutive years. And yes they may face Madrid in final and even if they lose there, it agian won’t mean any thing Extra-ordinary. Considering what this Barca team has achieved over the past 3 years,it is not just by mere luck or as many say by Refreeing decisions, it is the hardwork and groundwork laid on by Guardiola, it will be hard to just erase them out of the picture that easily.


So all in all the win is nothing to make such a fuss about but Madrid do proved that they might posess the second best individuals, but overall their Squad is probably the best anything anyone has ever seen, with the players not in the squad and even the injured players having quality to start on any other team in the world.

Puneet Tyagi is a Founder and CEO of13mania.He is a law student from delhi. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets etc.

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  1. Real Madrid says:

    real Madrid is very strong and very tough clubs and it is very difficult to compete and this club has no end it has very successful history and there are great player play from this country

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