Hair Care for a Shiny, Healthy and Strong Hair Line

In the modern world of today,we all want to look good,for one or other reasons such as attracting the opposite sex,getting a good job, make yourself stand out so as to gain attention etc. . And in that pursuit of looking good, what most of us give extra importance is hair as altering one streak of hair strand can change a lot in your looks so we all love to experiment with our hairs but again the pollution, stress etc., make many of our hairs dull, ugly and not the way we want it to look. Some even lose out hair at an early age. So what to do to maintain a healthy, shiny hairline , here are some hair tips and measures you can take in order to make your hairs healthy.


Only shampooing and keeping a clean scalp, won’t give you the healthy hairs you crave for, you’ll have to eat healthy too. Like our Body our hairs too need a balanced and nutritious diet too.
PROTEINS- Hairs are made up of proteins only, and you require protein in abundance to maintain healthy hairs. Rich source of proteins are Poultry items like Eggs,Chicken etc., while Fish especially Salmon is considered to be full of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids that can help prevent a dry scalp, as well as vitamin B-12 and iron. Vegetarians don’t be afraid you can get your fix of proteins from Soybeans, nuts and seeds.
VITAMINS -Your hair requires all sorts of vitamins such as Vitamin A,B,C,K which you can get from eating fruits and vegetables like Oranges,Carrots,Apricots,Sweet Potatoes, beans, Broccoli, Swiss chards, Avocados, Green vegetables etc.
MINERALS- Minerals are known to promote hair growth and some of them like iron, silica, zinc,clacium are found in eatables like eggs, walnuts, Oats, shrimps ,Prunes etc.So all who all wants good hair growth can consider minerals as the important factor.
WATER – Water hydrates the whole body and helps in the maintenance of temperature of body, and also provide you with silky and shiny hairs, so drink 8-10 glass of water everyday and stay healthy overall.


Although many will find no relation between exercising and healthy hairs,but there is one . Hair Growth is only maintained when blood flow to our scalp is right, without which hair shed fast. But Proper flow of blood can be maintained through exercising and maintaining you overall fitness.
Exercises of neck and back promotes the flow of blood in you upper body and may proove helpful in hair growth. Moreover exercising relieves you from stress that is considered to be a major cause of hair fall and hair dmage.
Exercise though leads to sweating during salt may get accumulated in your scalp, so try to exercise in a well conditioned roomwhere ventilation is also good.


To maintain a clean and healthy scalp, it is necessary that you choose proper hair care products like proper shampoo, conditioners, hair cream, Oil etc. It is necessary that you undrstand the type of your scalp as like skin sclaps are also of different types, so you need to take care that if your sclap is oily, then you buy hair care products accordingly.
Even your hair type and texture should vary the hair products you are using like there are special creams and shampoos for Curly hairs and Straight hairs.Its the best way to keep  your hairs healthy.
If you are suffering from any scalp diorder like flaking, Hair Fall,Acne etc. you should immediately consult a trusted dermatologist.


  • Don’t overdo styling and try to experiment too much as many of the creams, products contain harmful chemichals which are not good for healthy hair growth
  • Try to dry your hairs in natural way instead of using dryers and blowers, as they produce heat which is not good for your scalp
  • For healthy hairs you should protect and cover you hairs from Dirt, Pollution and Sun specially in summer.
  • Comb and Brush regularly to maintain the blood flow.

 I hope you all like the tips i shared above for getting healthy hairs and good hair growth.For any question leave your precious comment below

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